“Ripen into Your Authentic Self”

The phrase “ripen into your authentic self” was part of my horoscope from Rob Brezsny this morning and it was one of those aha things that I just love.

I’ve been having a little bit of trouble with a family situation lately.  We haven’t heard from our oldest son in over a year and it is bothersome.  Luckily with the internet I can keep faint tabs on him, but still.  This is the kind of situation that most parents dread and are confounded by.  I am no different.

Fortunately, I found a recent blog post he wrote–the sign of life I’ve been wanting.  The subject matter is one I am quite uncomfortable with personally.  However, it is not a surprising subject.  It is consistent with the kind of person he has always been.  Which makes his absence from our lives quite understandable.  He is being considerate of our feelings as well as being true to himself.

I was pleased to see that he is a fantastic writer.  And a person with integrity.  His interests are not interests I can share, but I can respect them.

I feel very proud of him.  But it is still strange and uncomfortable for me that I cannot just call him and say, awesome blog, tell me more.  I have to give him the kind of space that most parents would be uncomfortable with.  And I miss him.

It’s hard to know what to do with a relationship of this nature.

But the thing we have in common, and that all people have in common, is the desire and need to be our authentic selves.  And for many of us that takes a great deal of time.  Some people never accomplish authenticity.

I had to learn to get out of my own way to even begin ripening into my true and authentic self.  I think my son had to learn the same thing and over a year ago he made his move.

So here is to all of us finding our true, authentic selves and the peace that it can bring.



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7 responses to ““Ripen into Your Authentic Self”

  1. What a powerful sharing. I just wrote a draft that I will be posting in a day or so and the title is Parenting has an Experation Date. How interesting that I got to read your post. There is so much wisdom in your words. I think we are all put here for very special reasons,,,some we might never understand. My heart goes out to you. I am happy that you found something he wrote. I am over the hill, have 3 sons, 2 of which I am very close, the 3rd not so much. He would not have a happy marriage if he and I were close, which is sad becaues I have never interfeard in his life, at least that I know of. I think pressure bulds in our bodies when we store sadness and problems that don’t have easy answeres. I hope your sharing this helped you. I just want you to know that someone heard what you had to say and somewhat understands because of simular circumstances. I blog to get my thoughts our of my head. When I went to bed last light I had notes on 7 future blogs. When I awoke I had an eight which is the one I wrote. God guides us in our journey, at least that is my belief. This last one follows one I did ‘sunday which was a blast. I wrote from my imagination of what a 7 year old wanted to tell his mom…about his view of his first 7 years. I hope you keep sharing your heart and soul. I think it will help. I would love to continue visiting here if you are ever in need of a friend to share with.


    • Thank you so much for your comment. It does help to know that others go through this too, though I wish no one did. Sometimes I think we need to re-assess parenting in general and family life, too. One life at a time, I suppose. I plan to get caught up on reading your blogs in the next few days. You have really been on fire! Writing is very healing and I always feel better whenever I write. I should do it more often!!


      • Thanks. I love hearing from anyone who wants to chime in on what I say. Most are just my thought from my 77 years of living. I have made made many mistakes and learned from most Kids don’t come with an instruction sheet or directions. Good thing probably because they are all so unique. One size never fits all. There are some wisdoms that never change but different ways need to be learned to teach them because society changes and that changes the lens of how the message is absorbed. I remember you commenting that were are on different sides of the political realm but experience isolation because of where we live and our paticular lean. I welcome differnnt points of views because I don’t always have the answer. The drammatic division in America doesn’t seem to lend debate and that is sad becaues I think we all agree on somethings and those things never get discussed. I was a Dr. Carson follower in the beginning of last year. He talked about that and that would have been his approach. Anyway I am getting carried away like I often do. I will look forward to many visits we might have in the future. My blogs in 2014 were geared to mental health issues as I am Bipolar. I stopped because I felt so deeply about the people who were following me and clearly understood their pain. I write a blog about why I came back. It has a picture of a little girl hugging a little boy in that piece. Anyway I am much stronger and am going to write a couple of blogs on the haters of America in a two parter then I am going to ditch most political stuff as I will never make a difference or change anyones life and want to talk about families, kids, the power of music and share what is keeping be above water. Take care.

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  2. JC

    I’m sorry to hear about your son, I know that has to be difficult. It does seem like you have found strength in all of this and that is good. To ripen into your authentic self is inspiring and you can do it. May that be the glue to bring you both together.

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    • Thank you. I’m going to leave it to him. He has things he needs to do in his own space and time. I think we will hear from him again some day. Until then, I’ll just do my own thing with the rest of the family. It’s a hard thing, though.

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  3. You have such a great perspective on this Gale. I admire you for your ability to see it from a higher plane, acknowledging all of these things about the hurt of it, yet still being able to let things be as they are and see good in that. You are wonderful – thank you for being so wonderful and such a role model! Big hugs!

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