My journaling and blogging are both pretty sporadic even though writing helps my depression a great deal.  I guess I just don’t like to be in a routine for too long and need to change things up regularly.

During my down times, though, I do go back and re-read what I’ve written.  It gives me a new perspective on things which is also helpful.  I consider the re-reading to be an important part of my journal and blog writing.

Last night I re-read most of this blog and was pleased that some of the entries actually seemed to be well-written.  I still think someday I might write a book, but it would have to be a well-written book or it wouldn’t be worth it to me.  So, that dream still lives on for now.

I was also happy to come across an idea I had forgotten about over the past few months from this blog post:

In that blog I wrote about asking myself the question, “If I were happy, what would I do right now?” which I then acted on and ended up feeling so much better for some reason. After finding the idea again, I decided to bring it back as a strategy because I have entered into a slump and was out of ideas for how to turn the corner and begin making progress again.

Sometimes we know ourselves better than we realize when we are in the trenches.  You just need some time and distance to be able to see it.  Re-reading my own work is a way to achieve that for myself especially since I don’t have a therapist and rarely confide in other people.

Maybe everybody re-reads their own writing and this is not a new idea for others.  But it helps me a lot and I haven’t seen it addressed in other blogs yet so I figured I’d put it out there just in case.



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5 responses to “Re-Reading

  1. I do this also – it really does help to see that I’ve had good times and that I’ve had good strategies. Sometimes it does over emphasize to me how sad I’ve been but I think that’s just perspective. Very glad you rediscovered that technique – I’m going to use it too :).

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  2. JC

    Very interesting. I can see where this could help most people. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. I don’t re-read everything, but some things. Sometimes, I do because I happened to come across a piece of my writing. In those cases, I might enjoy what I wrote, and think ‘Wow, that was really good’ or ‘Oh my goodness, how awful (badly written OR how sad I was)’. Other times, I seek out a particular bit of information…. I keep a ‘food diary’ for one week each month, along with a monthly record of my weight, and have been doing so for more than a decade. My husband doesn’t understand why, since he thinks I never look at it again later, and he finds the presence of the diary on the table annoying. Tough. The main purpose is to help me be aware of what I’m eating at the time (and control overeating), though I decided fairly early on to also include what the weather is like and what activities I do on those days, because I know these can affect my appetite. This is for looking back on later–for when I want to see if there are any patterns affecting my health–physical and mental. It has actually been useful.

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    • The food diary is a great idea–especially the way you have structured it. One of the reasons I am erratic about journaling, etc. is that I get overwhelmed at the idea of doing it every day forever. One week a month is doable as well as enough to be useful. I really like that idea!

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