My Dance

Quite some time ago I found a YouTube video of a gorgeous belly dance choreographed by Rachel Brice to a song called “Glide” by Felix’s Machines. The song and the dance were mesmerizing and I wanted to learn it and have our troupe learn it to perform at a Steampunk Festival we have performed at twice before.

I watched it over and over again to break down the steps. It was so intense! I had five full pages of notes. Finally I concluded it would have to be a much simpler choreography for us to be able to learn it.

Since I don’t know how to do choreography, the project floundered for quite some time. But I had talked about doing it often enough that I kind of thought there was a small expectation that I would bring a dance to the troupe one day.

Lately, life in the troupe has gotten a bit stressful. “Creative differences” is the best way to describe it without getting negative and personal.

In order to cope, I and one of the other dancers, who feels the same way as I do, decided to work on my Felix’s Machines dance in earnest, on our own, and really polish it and have it ready in plenty of time for the Steampunk Festival this August. At least there would be something about the show that we could feel confident about!

The first time we got together, we picked a different song on the same CD that we could start from scratch with. The song is called “Machines 140207”. We spent two hours working on it and came up with about 50 seconds worth of steps.

This week we got together for about three hours and choreographed another 50 seconds worth.

It was awkward at first and there was some disagreement at times as well. But we got through all that. It has turned out to be so satisfying.

The dance is coming out very well. It flows and goes nicely with the music and it has special touches in it as I wanted. My idea was that because this music is made by machines then the dancers should mimic machines but in a subtle way.

I think my friend was worried at first that I was trying to pack the dance with complicated moves and she wanted to rely on tried and true steps so we could learn it. And I didn’t want the tried and trues as they seemed too easy and dull to me.

But! She figured out what I wanted to do and I figured out what she wanted to do and it is coming together so well.

I suspect we can finish the dance in our next session and then spend much time polishing it and planning our costumes. We can perform with confidence when the time comes.

It has been such a long, long time since I have been involved in something this creative. Working this well with someone is also a very, very rare experience.

Since, in general, my life is not going all that great lately, this project has come at a very good time and has made the other stuff less trying.

It’s not that new bad things are coming along. The reason life seems not so great lately is because I have made the decision to allow “stuff” to rise up to the surface and then allow myself to experience the emotions without judgment and without rushing it along. It’s just hard work most of the time. It’s not fun and it wears me out. But I believe it must be done.

“My” dance and the belly dancing in general are a nice little break from the tough emotional work I am doing. I have had the idea for a long time that art and creativity would be key for me. I just did not know exactly how it would work.

I am figuring out my healing work just about the same way I am figuring out how to choreograph a dance.


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  1. I can wholeheartedly relate! Dancing and even choreographing have been major steps towards my healing. I’m glad you’ve found that outlet for yourself!

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