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I just wrote the most awesome letter of resignation ever!  It was both light-hearted and sarcastic, a winning combination for sure.

I am aware that I may never have a “good” job again.  We may always be poor because of this.  It’s not like I have connections or a winning kind of personality that will get me through a new door of opportunity.

I got this job based on a test.  Same way I got the job before that which only lasted five years before I’d had enough of my narcissistic boss.  This one lasted nearly twelve years!  Pretty amazing for me.

I am a hard worker.  I try to always give my best effort.  I keep busy and have high standards.  I try to improve my work habits and my workplace.  Perhaps it is time to accept the fact that none of that actually matters when it comes to getting a job and keeping it long term.

I always get burned out.  I always get taken advantage of.  I always get abused.

I’m still not sure what it is I could do differently so that those things stop happening.  I mean, clearly, the fault lies with me.  Everybody tells me so.

Maybe I have too much pride.  Maybe I’m just too OCDish.  I’m definitely too much of a lot of things that have caused me to fail in the workplace once again.

Even my so-called friends have zero sympathy for my situation.  They dismiss my concerns and take advantage of my willingness to be helpful.  Today I told one of the them I would be quitting as of May 18th and she said, “Why the 18th?”  Oh, I don’t know, it’s my lucky number I guess.  Not a word of encouragement or any sympathy or a shoulder.  Just that stupid question.

These are not friends if they can’t for one moment imagine what this is doing to me.  Instead, they expect me to be there for them.  That familiar one-way street that is the story of my life.

I think I rely too much on  the approval of others.  They never do approve.  So, I guess I have wasted my life pursuing that goal.

Man, why is this happening again?  I’m too old for this shit.



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